LAN Rules


-All NON-STOUT STUDENT participants must sign a risk awareness agreement form before setting up.
-All STOUT STUDENT participants must sign in with their Stout ID card before setting up.
-All NON STOUT STUDENT participants must sign in with a different form of government ID.
-NO CHEATING unless it is explicitly permitted by the server admin. Some servers may allow certain cheats to be used – most won’t, especially tournament servers. If you cheat during a tournament, you may be asked to leave.
-Minors are asked to leave the event at 10pm due to MSC policies. No minors will be allowed back into the MSC after 12AM. Like we have enforced at our past LANs everyone needs a wristband. From 12 AM to 1AM entrance back into the MSC will be WRISTBAND ONLY. You must enter using the ramp doors. After 1AM anyone wishing to reenter the MSC will need to text a phone number. This number will be provided at the event. Please keep in mind that only executives may let you back into the building. Be patient with us and understand that we are working to help you. We suggest you prioritize gathering all necessary supplies (food, games, blankets, ect) BEFORE 1AM! The MSC will open for everyone at 10AM.
-No activities that are illegal or banned on Stout property. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hacking – If it’s not yours, don’t try to access it remotely.
  • Distribution of pornography to minors
  • Unauthorized copying of software
  • Possession of drugs or alcohol (even if you’re 21+!)
  • Pirating of illegally obtained digital content

-If you deliberately act in such a way that you disturb other attendees, you will be asked to leave.
-If you are asked to leave the event for any reason, any fees you have paid (such as entrance fees or tournament entry fees) will not be refunded.
-PONG reserves the right to remove you from an event for any reason.
-Doors should never be propped open by anyone other than PONG Staff, and at the discretion of the Event Coordinator. Please keep in mind when leaving the LAN Event that the MSC doors lock after midnight, so make sure there is someone to get you back in.
-No ecigs or vaping
-We ask that all LAN attendees wishing to sleep overnight in the MSC do so in any of our designated rooms: Ballrooms, Great Hall, or sleeping room. Anyone who is not in these designated areas will be woken up and asked to move to the sleeping room.

-If it’s not yours, don’t touch it unless you’ve been given explicit permission by the owner.
-If you have trouble connecting to the network, ask a PONG staff member for help. Please don’t touch any of the networking equipment or anything on the server table or risk ejection from the LAN.
-The tables that the switches are on are for the switches only! There cannot be anything on, below, or above the table at anytime (aside from PONG equipment), ESPECIALLY food and beverage. -Items on those tables will be removed.
-Your equipment is your responsibility. Under no circumstances will PONG be liable for any items that are damaged, lost, or stolen at an event.
-Console and TV volume must be kept low as to not disturb other attendees.
-Each attendee has a 3 foot wide, table width deep space, and no equipment/items should overhang onto your neighbors spot, off the edge of the table, or sit under the table.
-Limit 32” TV/Monitor (Rig must be behind TV/Monitor)
-Each attendee allocated two (2) outlets for equipment.
-One monitor per spot/person (Laptops do not count)
-Following are not allowed in the event: UPSs, External Speakers, Extra Monitors, coffee makers, mini fridges, fans larger than 8” diameter (desk fans), power strips, power splitters, other high-power consuming kitchen appliances.

-Please keep food and beverages away from computers as much as possible to prevent accidental damage.
-Clean up after yourself! If you bring it into the event, throw it away or take it out with you. Large trash bins will be available to dispose of waste.
-Anyone visibly intoxicated or otherwise causing a ruckus will be removed from the event and may be banned from future events depending on the severity of the issue and at the discretion of the executive board.
-All food eaten in the Great Hall and Ballrooms must have been purchased at a Stout facility.
-If you bring your own food you may eat it in a “common area” such as the halls where chairs and tables have been provided.
-If you wish to order food directly to the LAN we are no longer allowed to have delivery enter the MSC. We are asked to claim all deliveries at the doors of the MSC.

Finally, the executive board of PONG reserves the right to remove any participant for any reason. The executive board may also, by unanimous board approval, make exceptions, overrule, or settle disputes concerning any of the LAN rules on the spot, with the faculty advisor having complete veto power.