Purpose Statement

1. To involve students of the University of Wisconsin Stout and the community with a valuable recreation experience, and to aid in the development of skills related to the organization and their majors.

2. To provide the UW Stout campus with a safe and immersive recreational environment through our many events and web forums.

3. To promote a group of dedicated individuals to further their knowledge of the world of video gaming and its supporting technologies, and to provide that knowledge to the students, faculty, and staff of the UW Stout campus and community.

Article I: Name

The name of the organization, whose responsibilities are outlined in this constitution, shall be People’s Organization of Network Gaming, or PONG

Article II: Mission

To involve students of the University of Wisconsin Stout and the community with a valuable recreation experience, and to aid in the development of skills related to the organization and their majors.

Article III: Members

Members of PONG shall consist primarily of University of Wisconsin-Stout students to become and to remain a full member, students must:

1. Register on the PONG website

2. Register through OrgSync and apply to the PONG Organization.

3. Participate in at least one event per semester

4. Be actively involved in the PONG community

Section I: Membership Fee

PONG shall NOT have a membership fee unless ratified and approved by the executive board and voted into existence by at least 2/3 members at pre-announced bi-weekly meeting.

Section II: Non-discrimination Clause

PONG will not discriminate against membership of any individual based upon race, gender, religion, ancestry, age, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, income, physical ability or political ideology, unless specified in the governing document of the organization or pursuant to an exception recognized by University, local, state or federal laws / ordinances.

Article IV: Executive Board

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Treasurer

4. Event Coordinator

5. Promoter

6. Sponsorship Liaison

7. Tournament Coordinator

8. Network Admin

9. Web Master

10. Secretary

11. Advisor(s)

Article V: Executive Board Duties

As a body, the Executive Board will:

1. Facilitate all PONG meetings

2. Facilitate event meetings assigned to them

3. Represent PONG before the campus and the community

4. Recruit new members and encourage full member participation in the organization

5. Facilitate a committee (all board members except for the president). Officers may select their own committee

6. Act in their committee only as a facilitator who delegates duties, initiates meetings, and serves as a resource.

7. Maintain an active role in the PONG community

Section I: President

 This position is inherited through the Vice President position once the current President leaves his/her position

1. Supervise primary functions of the Organization

2. Supervise the Executive Board

3. Delegate responsibilities to the appropriate members of committees

4. Call emergency meetings when deemed necessary

5. Take responsibility for any approved purchases and control of inventory

6. Approve requisitions by signature

7. Have final vote in cases of a tie concerning PONG business matters

Section II: Vice President

1. Assume the duties of the President in case of absence

2. Assist, counsel, and aid the President in achieving the goals of the Organization

3. Serve as the President’s chief representative or corresponding officer of the Organization

4. Summarize meetings to the PONG website in order to allow other members to stay current with the organization

5.  Maintain a current roster of membership and a list of standing and special committees

6. Issue notices of meetings and conduct the general correspondence of the Organization

Section III: Treasurer

1. Receive all funds and pay orders of the Executive Committee and have them signed and authorized by the President

2.  Keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as directed

3. Make an annual audit of the organization’s funds in preparation for the following year.

4. Collect dues and/or fees if applicable

5. Coordinate fund-raising efforts

6. Sign checks with approval from the Executive Committee

7. Verify all financial transactions

8. Maintain an accurate up-to-date financial statement on organizational events

9.  Assist in the seeking of grants and proposals

Section IV: Promoter

1. Promote PONG events in a manner to garner the maximum attendance possible for an event using all applicable channels

2. Distribute all print materials to the appropriate locales for approval.

3.  Publicize and promote the ideas, goals, and activities of the Organization

4.  Attend outside organizational meetings as necessary

5.  Act as the contact person for all organizational events

6.  Establish a contact list with other Organizations and Universities

Section V: Sponsorship Liaison

1. Maintain availability towards potential sponsorship opportunities

2. Act as primary contact for sponsors

3. Fill sponsorship application forms for every planned LAN event.

4. Contact local businesses and maintain positive relationship with them

5. Inform other executive members of approved sponsorships

Section VI: Tournament Coordinator

1. Organize tournament scheduling for each planned LAN event

2. Manage or delegate administration of each tournament during events

3. Responsible for tournament related announcements

4. Distribute prizes or prize ticket to tournament winners

Section VII: Network Administrator

 This position must be appointed by the current Executive Board

1. Maintain network connectivity during LAN events

2. Responsible for servers hosted on PONG equipment

3. Perform maintenance on equipment between events

4. Monitor network traffic during LAN events

Section VIII: Web Master

1.  Update and maintain the PONG webpage

2.  Respond in a timely manner to any web-based issues including outages

Section IX: Secretary

1. Organize official PONG business through meeting minutes

2. Periodically check PONG E-mail account and forward important information to executive board

3. Post meeting minutes to the Forums and Facebook page

4. Maintain PONG Stream and monitor stream chat

Section X: Event Coordinator

1. Plan and coordinate all social events for PONG and the campus.

2.  Initiate all recurring events

3.  Keep a file of paperwork of each event for the organization’s records

4. Make facility reservations for all meetings and events

5. Draft event layout plans and submit to the appropriate parties

6. Reserve needed equipment for events

Section XI: Advisor(s)

1. Assist in developing realistic goals for the academic year: will contribute to the educational and personal developments of the students involved

2.  Be familiar with the PONG Constitution and all other governing documents, so that they may advise effectively

3. Attend Executive and general meetings, and organizational events when possible

4. Encourage PONG officers to share information with the general membership

5.  Assist PONG in the orientation of new members and with the transition process each year

6. Be familiar with the UW-Stout Code of Conduct and other guidelines that establish expectations for student behavior and activities

7. Guide PONG and its officers to establish policies, answer policy questions, and explain the consequences for choosing to operate outside their parameters

8. Maintain an active role in the PONG community when possible

Article VI: Meetings

PONG shall hold meetings in at least bi-weekly fashion during the fall and spring semesters; special meetings shall be called by the President or by a majority of the PONG members.

Article VII: Elections

Section I: Election of New Officers

1.  Election procedures shall be carried out by the current officers

2. Candidates must be recognized members prior to the election date

3. Names of nominees must be on the ballot in order to run for a position

4. Any member can call another member into nomination

5. PONG members must be present during nomination

6. PONG members have a right to decline a nomination

7. Only one nomination per person per position

8. Candidates must give a two to three minute presentation before election and answer any questions posed by members in good standing

9. Officers may run for re-election

10. If there is only one nominee for a position, that nominee is automatically elected by default

11. Executive Officers may appoint open positions after the election

12.  Each candidate must be able to commit to a full year to their desired position

13.  Vice President candidates must be able to commit at minimum two years of service to PONG as they will inherit the President position

14. Elections shall be held during the second general meeting of the Spring Semester

Section II: Voting

1. All PONG members, excluding the President and the Advisor(s), shall have one vote per ballot

2. Final voting shall be done by anonymous ballot

3. All votes shall be confidential

4. The President and Advisor(s) shall count the ballot

5. The candidate with the most votes shall be appointed

The members have the right to request an amendment to the constitution through consent from the Executive board by a 2/3rd majority vote.

The members have the right to propose for a new amendment through consent from the Executive board by a 2/3rd majority vote.

Section III: Emergency Executive Replacement

In the event that an executive board member cannot return to their position, whether it be due to school problems or otherwise, the executive board has the power to appoint an emergency executive member.  The board will together a list of possible candidates for the position and meet to discuss each candidate, culminating in a vote amongst the executive board that must be unanimous.  The executive board will then approach the candidate about taking the position.  If the candidate accepts the position, they will be sworn in at the next general meeting. If the candidate declines, the executive board must reconvene and select a new candidate, repeating the process until a new executive member is found.  The newly appointed executive member will have the full responsibilities of their position, and will follow the normal re-election procedure during the next election cycle.

Article VIII: Amendments

The members have the right to request an amendment to the constitution through consent from the Executive board by a 2/3rd majority vote.

The members have the right to propose for a new amendment through consent from the Executive board by a 2/3rd majority vote.

Article IX: Impeachment

If at any time, members of PONG feel an Executive board member or Advisor(s) is/are not fulfilling his or her duty, an impeachment trial can be called. By a 2/3rd majority vote, the Executive member shall be impeached.

Article X: Constitution

The executive board must look over the constitution and advise its changes. The members then must ratify the new constitution. This process must happen every two years, but is strongly encouraged every year during renewal.

In the event of a drastic change in PONG Executive Board members, the Constitution should immediately be reviewed and re-ratified by the newly appointed officials. “Drastic Change” is defined as one of the following:

1. Any 2/3 of the Executive Board Members

2. Any 1/2 of the Executive Board Members and the President

3. Any 1/2 of the Executive Board Members and the Vice-President